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Reviews - Wheel Wizard


Took my Bent and cracked wheel to [competitor] and they flat out told me the wheel was trash and I had to buy another one. The problem is I have Forged rims from 2007 and that model is no longer made so buying a new set at $2000 is not an option for me. I emailed the guy back at [competitor] and asked to please give it a shot and repair it, he wrote back , why don't you take the rim to 'Wheel Wizard' . I asked why and he said all of his severely damaged rims that they cant fix go to these guys.

Roger K.,

I called Wheel Wizard (WW) after checking out their website and seeing rims with similar damage. I was allowed to send a picture over to Janet for a price. When we spoke again, she sounded confident that she could fix it and I was quoted $230 and a 3 day turn around. Unfortunately this place is open only during prime working hours, Monday thru Friday 8-530. That made things a little difficult. You do have the option to just leave the rim and put a spare tire on your car until they're done.

Orin T.,

So I've been going back and forth with a bent rim for awhile now but the situation has gotten worse and I had no choice but to finally get it done. Called up Wheel Wizard and they let me know price and how fast they could get it fixed. Took my wheel up to the office and found fast, friendly service and they could turn the repair around in 48 hours. The only thing I wish I knew was that I could have dropped off my car there & they would have taken the wheel off, repaired it & put it back on and garaged my car the whole time. It would have saved me some time. All in all I'm happy with the repair and I'm back on the road.

Darren H., Designer