Wheel Repair

wheel repair fact
It's often cheaper to repair your wheels than replace them


  • Straighten & Refinish
  • Welding & Crack Repair
  • Powder Coat Repair
  • Curb Rash & Scratched Rims
  • Dents & Severe Bends
  • Chipped Finish
  • Atlanta Repair Shop located in Chamblee
Wheel Repair: Scratches, Curb rash, Severe Dents & Cracked Wheels

machined_finish_wheelDid you hit one of Atlanta's famous pot holes? Maybe you rubbed against the tight curbĀ at a drive thru? Potholes, curbs, steel plates and road debris can cause minorĀ and major damage to your wheels. It doesn't stop there. If left uncorrected, the wheel damage can destroy your tires and wreak havoc on your vehicle's steering and suspension system.

Wheel Wizard is a wheel repair shop with advanced wheel straightening machinery and technicians who fix wheels that others can't repair. If we can't fix it, no one can!

Bent WheelRepaired Wheel
Before Repair: Bent Wheel

Before Repair

After: Repaired Wheel

After Repair

Tired of Telling the How-I-Bent-My-Wheels Story?

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